Truly I can't believe the negative reviews, I have been in shipping business for over 30 years, I have shipped with every carrier you can think of, in business or out of business. I would put Corlett Express right towards the top. On time service never an issue... damage never happens, pricing can't beat it. Owner, upper management, sales, dispatch and drivers have been very easy to get along with., I wish other carriers could learn a bit from Corlett What do you complain about when a trucking company bust their tail end to be the best Utah carrier I've ever shipped with. I could name several carriers that have either been bought out by bigger carriers or have went out of business, frankly a lot of carriers are getting to big for their britches and have forgotten what the shipper really needs and expects from a carrier. Corlett would be the carrier they could learn from.. For all the complainers I have to wonder how much shipping do you really do..... It must not be a lot.....

Rick Bate

Corlett Trucking has always delivered every time. Couldn't ask for a more dependable transportation company.

Chris Springmeyer

We work with Corlett every week, never have we had a problem.
They are great to work with.

Lynda Blanch

Corlett Express is always on time and the employees are very friendly. Our company contracts them for all of our shipping.

Robert Matson

We have never had any issue with either inbound or outbound shipments with Corlett. Everyone in the office I have talked to, from dispatch to billing to our rep have been absolutely fantastic to deal with! The best company to ship with in Utah!

Kristin Snow

Corlett has been very easy to work with. I appreciate that they service all of Utah. Their customer service is top notch (Shawntal is awesome). I would recommend them to anyone trying to move freight in Utah.


Corlett has serviced our customers for several years and has provided on time, exceptional service. They have excellent customer service and very friendly sales reps. All around they are a pleasure to work with.

Sarah Butler

As the shipping coordinator for a small business I recommend corlett express to all who are looking for a reliable service. The people at Corlett express are always easy to deal with and are always on time handle my materials with care and are very competitive with cost .

Ryan Miller

This is to the people who decide to trash good companies for no apparent reason. Yes if you are in the middle of nowhere your delivery day may only be once a week. If you don't like that Move to Downtown SLC and you can have daily deliveries. To the people that do not pay their vendors, this doesn't make Corlett the bad guy because your supplier actually wants to be paid before the product is delivered. This isn't Corlett's problem they are following your suppliers direction to get paid first. Finally for the idiots that just trash to trash. What the hell is wrong with you. Do you work for a competitor? I doubt'd have to get a job first. Do you just hate seeing a company’s success? Why trash them for that? I have done business with a lot of different freight companies. Corlett is one of the finest regional carriers you could possibly hope for. Fair Pricing, Great Customer Service, Professional, Clean and well-spoken drivers. I am proud to say I am a Corlett customer and will be for as long as I need to have product shipped. Have a great Night. Haters rethink your life. Find something better to do....

Darin H

I have worked at my company for almost 11 yrs. and have used corlett to ship our freight since we started using them many years ago. Everyone one there has always been great to work with and if anything ever came up that needed to be fixed they took care of it quickly. They are the first company I think of when doing local outbound or inbound shipping. They are a great company to work with especially Randy and Kent.

Latisha Hensley

Really nice Family to work for. Most of us that have been hired have a GREAT customer relations and that includes our current drivers on this date 11/12/2015. The others that were short timers just didn't fit with the customer's which are #1

Janice Morrill

We work with Corlett for both inbound and outbound orders. Everyone from drivers, to reception and dispatch, billing, and our rep are all awesome to work with!

Kristin Snow

Corlett has always been a go to carrier when it comes to local freight. They are all great people to work with, from our rep Randy, to the drivers, the ladies in the office, all the way up to Kent Corlett. I'd recommend them to anyone.

Latisha Hensley

I have worked with Kent and his team for a number of years now. Hard workers and have handled every complex issue we have brought to them perfectly. Highly recommend for all Utah in state transport needs!

Steve Hansen

It's a shame that the only people who end up writing reviews are the people who have had a bad experience. Let's be honest folks, nothing in this world is perfect. People are going to make mistakes, and that is just part of being in business. Our company has had near perfect experience with Corlett. They've always treated us fairly and have delivered our freight on time. If there is ever an issue, they always take care of us. I recommend other companies to use Corlett on a very regular basis. Don't be fooled by the few grumpy people who have nothing better to do than to write bad reviews all day.

Devon Swenson